Frequently Asked Questions
Has the complex been built specifically for Equestrian use?

The whole complex is new and has been purpose built as an equestrian complex/livery set on 220 acres.

Does each horse have its own paddock?

Each horse will have its own paddock with shelter and own locked tack room. Each paddock has its own automatic water trough.

What size is the Jumping Arena?

The jumping arena is 70m x 70m made of sand.

What size is the Dressage Arena?

The dressage arena is 60m x 20m made of sand.

Is the area safe and secure?

Yes. You have a locked tack room available in every paddock, and the property is securely fenced.

Horse feeding provisions available?

Yes feed and feeding can be provided but will be required to be pre-arranged.

What Jumps are available?

Jumps have been imported from the U.K. Company Jump 4 Joy who have been in the forefront of the design and manufacture of the highest quality polymer equestrian jumps on the market. Jumps 4 Joy have had extensive consultation with some of U.K.'s top designers and riders and have developed jumps to the highest safety standards, which include there being no dangerous metal feet or cups, no sharp edges and a unique blend of engineering strength polymers which will not splinter or break like wood on impact and can handle extreme weather conditions - (a slide show of some of the jumps is on the the facilities page)

Are the arenas available for hire?

We will hire the areas out to instructors for lessons.

Are we able to get short or long term agistment?

Yes both are available - please advise us of your expectation when you book.

Are we able to stay overnight or for a weekend?

Yes both are available - please advise us of your expectation when you book.

What are the arena charges?

Charges are: $15 per horse, or $10 each for 2 or more horses on the arenas. Fees are to be paid on-line to account No: 020876 0197012 97, or be placed in the fees cupboard at the side of the manure heap.

Jumps Arena